My name is Matthew Upton, I have a Bachelors of Arts from Cal State San Bernardino in Graphic Design, Marketing. It is through my time there that I discovered a passion for photography. Photography follows the very similar methods as graphic design and the attachment of marketing is important to both. Without marketing there is no direction, just random pictures and design's without regard to who there for. Marketing gives me accuracy to where my design's and photography can be targeted to.

Photographs are used and a part of every day life. A nice profile picture can better introduce others to who you are, for the purpose of finding a job to even finding a date. Commemorate a relationship or to capture moment in time, a photograph is a powerful tool.

My passion and specialty belongs to music and band photography. With different bands and their follows allows connections and requests for different types of photography. Because of this I study and practice as many forms that I can.