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When I go to an event I am typically one of the youngest photographers when covering events for the magazine Rock N Roll Industries.  I hear the complaint on how the industry has been over saturated with photographers and prices are forced lower because people are willing to work for peanuts.  In many cases, this is true for me as well.  I am one of these young photographers in an over saturated market were I take what money I can get. 


The issue in todays world is that you cant make money on music photography.  Yes I charge a little bit from bands but they are all broke and with so many people with cameras, bands willing to pay good money for shots just isn’t there. 


My end goal is to become a commercial photographer.


I am in the music industry because everyone has always been really nice and I thank everyone one for making my life something I will want to wright a book about one day.

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Concerts are Taking their Toll IMG_5633IMG_5633

The continuous concerts are taking their toll on me.  A lot of my issue comes from the large amount of bars and low lite areas that I often try and shoot in.  Even at locations such as the House of Blues of Anaheim, require special conditions before I can enjoy them.  The first part is lighting.  If I have a big venue with plenty of different and fluctuating lights, I get the shivers.  The issue I come across is that many of the people taking control of the lights need more experience.  I can’t complain to much since when the bigger acts come in, more seasoned pro’s come in.  But I am noticing more and more often how many venues ignore the odd lighting to the crowed and frontal lighting.   A lot of times now I am seeing great back light but the performers entire face and front is black.  If that wasn’t enough the color of the season appears to be blue and purple.  It never looks right to have purple lighting at a rock show.


Another issue I face is time.  With every concert I normally look at an hour or more of driving.  Up to two hours of just uploading to my computer another hour to two of selecting what I will want to edit, then I face four or so hours of editing.  Then I need to create the folder on my site, upload the images and share them.  This is also addition to the six or more hours I spend at the show itself.  Since with many locations I need to pay for parking and gas, my cost can go up to $38, which isn’t a lot when I only ask for $40 to shoot a show.  But, that is what I call cost of advertising and getting my name out their as quickly as possible.




The moments that make them all worth while are the friends people I have met over these short moments.  A lot has changed over the years that I started my photography.  The people I have met made sure of that and there hasn’t been one moment I regret from it.

But it is here when the large shows refuel me and get me excited.

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Canon 5d mkiii canon 5d mark iiicanon 5d mark iii
Canon 5d mk iii
Through a long term loan of an old and close friend I am now the proud owner of a 5d mkiii.  There are far to many reviews, better and far more precise then what I could ever give, so I will just give my first impressions.
I am coming up from a Canon 60d and with the flood of upgrades I must say I have something things I really enjoy and wish I still had in my new 5d mkiii.  With concerts and any situation when you are shooting a crowed or in a crowed the articulating screen in a must have.  The canon 60d 9 point auto focusing system is no match for the 5ds 61 point. But even when going through some of the modes moving from one corner to another takes to long.  With practice I might be able to cut the time down.
A feature I have fallen in love with is the cf and sd card slots, this allows me to run a eye-fi mobi card allowing me to send small file jpg wirelessly to my iPad.  This gives the parents, manager or who ever I am taking pictures, able to view them as I shoot them.
For a full frame camera it quick and solid.  I still find a battery grip very helpful,even though it ads greatly to its weight.
With a good amount of use as, said above, I have fallen in love.  The low light performance is a huge jump from my Canon 60D.  I use my eye-fi card with my iPad more then ever. The solid construction is a testament to its build quality.  The only issue that I found, that is huge for manual focus shooters is that the top right back, buttons on the body can't be used with magnification.  The magnify button is located on the left side of the screen forcing the user to take their hand off the lens to press the button once for 5x and a second for 10x.  This is a huge issue for people using lenses 100mm or longer, hand held.  This is aperient especially when using 10x.  Each time the button is pressed the user must find the subject all over again.  I am really hoping this will be fixed in future updates, but until then I am very pleased with what I have.
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Rob Zombie Great American Nightmare Tour I recently covered the Rob Zombie Great American Nightmare shows for Rock N Roll Industries Magazine.  This show was the largest I have ever covered.  An air plane hanger filled with shoulder to shoulder people.  For being such a large show I was very pleased to be one of the few to have shot from the stage for nearly every band except for Rob Zombie himself.  To be able to meet some of these headliners was also amazing.  Singers such as Bert McCracken of the Used has received my respect for coming to many of the following shows.
Among many of the interesting moments and meetings was Andy Dick, it was unexpected to see him and it wasn't my first time.  The first time he hipped my friends shirt in order to take her tit out and suck it in the middle of a gay bar in Palm Springs.  This time was not much different when he licked a guys tit, though I will admit that he was dressed as a nurse.  With the likes of many of the larger artists it was more on the lines of business as usual with Andrew W.K and Rob Zombie.  For them it was in and out.
IMG_4795Ok?.... Need I say moreSome things should just not be





There was strong support by

many venders as well, many of the clothing companies were represented by many great people along with G-pen, Guitar Center a long with the many security and workers of the event.
One of the surprises I had was the varying degree of photographers at the show.  Two or three professionals, a couple high armatures but mostly low level.  Shooting bands such as Rob Zombie with point and shoot cameras.  Everybody has a start but with many shows there are things not possible.  
I also find it important for people to know their equipment no mater how much is spent.
I will admit though that the downside of big shows are drinks starting at $11.  But over all I have taken the best shots of any show as me being a photographer.

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MusInk 3-8-13 MusInk was a great experience to music and tattoo fans alike.  I went to the convention on Friday for the first day on 3-8-13.  I traveled with the band Assuming We Survive due to their win at the battle of the bands final round at the House of Blues of Anaheim on that Monday.  Being labeled as contest winners by the convention, they had little to no leeway on giving passes to even their own crew.  Funny it was almost the first time I photographed an event and had to pay to get in, but it was well worth it.  Still having a virgin body in the sense of tattoo work, it made me really consider getting one for myself, especially since there are so many tattoo artists connected to the Sullen name such as Roman.  There was well over a hundred tattoo artists working on willing participants at their booths.   In many cases a person can go up to a booth and get a tattoo done for free, just for the purpose of the artist displaying their talent.  On to the music end of things, because Assuming We Survive was just referred to as contest winners, none of the public new of their performance never mind the press covering the event.  As far as participants they the crowed was around a hundred people for those that wanted to get a good position for the huge acts following.  The line up was Assuming We Survive, Guttermouth, the Vandals and headlining Bad Religion.  All the top bands showed what they are known for best for that caliber of group.  With each band going up the crowed became more and more excited, packing the hanger to the point of being crushed.  With me not having any proper credentials, I shot from the crowed.


The Great part of shooting from the crowed is that you have more of a direct view of the band allowing images to be more on their level and looking natural rather then in a photo pit looking strait up.  With being with the general public there is no three song maximum gives me more time to get the shots I want.  The also major plus that most photographers over look is that the public is just as much of a subject as the band is.  Viewing the excitement of the people viewing revives my drive to take photos.  Now the huge downside especially when taking photos  of big bands is the potential damage to your gear.  Assuming We Survive, Guttermouth and The Vandals I was able to hand the crowed, even when they were being carried overtop of me.  My equipment is insured but once Bad Religion got I couldn’t handle it.  There is a difference between risking your equipment being broken and knowing your equipment will get broken. 


Over all with the first three bands I was very happy with how the images turned out and with staying in the crowed.  In many times the photo pit wasn’t too much better.  Photographers packing the pit to the point were they couldn’t move.  The photographers in the pit where forced to shoot up and none of them ever looking back at the crowed due to a three song time restraints.  Even due to all of that, I did envy their safety.  After the event me, Assuming We Survive, our friends and a number of people from the convention including Roman went to a bar in Hamilton Beach for an after party.

------Photo Tips

  • As far as shooting an event like this.  Be sure to bring a flash to take pictures of the crowed but 95% of the time it should be turned off. This is true especially when taking a picture of artists wail they are working and for live concerts.
  • A lot of con's have low lights in their primary halls, it is very important to have good glass for your camera.  Very rarely did I ever go above 2.8 and thankfully didn't go bellow 1/100 with an iso 1600.
  • When there are artists at work, it is a great moment to get close up shots getting a nice tight framing with either their eyes or their hand being a primary focus.
  • INSURE YOUR GEAR.  I was lucky to get out of the crowed with my gear still intact.
  • When taking pictures of a concert, bring earplugs.  Don't consider it being rude to the band because you will still hear them, consider it saving your ears.
  • 90% of the time I never use the center focus point.  I use the top and bottom corners nearly every time.  If the subject is looking or their primary motion is pointing right then I have them focused in the top left and so forth.
  • When framing an musician, do not crop them bellow the half way point of their knee and foot and do not go higher then slightly above the knee.
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100 Proof Albume Release Party Congrats to 100 Proof for their album release party, they really know how to put on a party.  The biggest downside is that there was so many people that they couldn’t perform.  Throughout the night there were more then 250 people for a bar as small as Wild Rocket.  Nearly all of Assuming We Survive showed up, along with a member of the Chimpz and Dirty D from X103.9.  Everyone had fun in front of the photo backdrop that Sullen provided.  It was also used for the huge line of people getting the band to sign their gear, posters and brand new cd.


This is a band to watch, above all odds they will make it._MG_7886

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Last Call With Carson Daly One of the few shows on Tv that can make you feel like the world is a better place after every episode you watch.  The interview portions are my favorite.  Carson Daly in each show interviews two people.  One that focuses on a person striving to help people or brining the different worlds we live in to the public.  The other person is typically an artist.  Then the show finishes up with two performances of a local band in the Hollywood area.

Being a photographer, I record, favorite and watch twice when they show another photographer no matter what field they are in.  Other then photography every person that is brought to the plate is fascinating.  Alexander Spit is the person that is being interviewed right now as I watch it.  Alexander Spit is a man I would not have known or heard of outside of this show but by the looks of it is a man that deserves the respect of everybody around me.  He is an artist in every form of the word, he is a raper that not only raps of course but records his own music, creates all his own artwork directs his own videos.  Everything that pretty much can be done he does on his own, even though he is under a label and has access to industry leading professionals and studios.

The local bands that get featured are all along the same Indy style.  The type of music that never normally reaches the hope of popularity or really makes it.  I guess the best way to describe them would be the hipsters anthem.


if you have never heard or watched the show make sure to view it when you get a chance, you will not be disappointed.

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The Roxy 2-25-13 _MG_7222 Other then some technical difficulties primarily with the lead microphone’s,  all the bands did an awesome job.  The High on Lows, being the starters had a low crowed, which was to be expected for a Monday show at 7.  I also feel they got short hand since all the audio was set up to Still Standings needs rather then their style.  Even with some drawbacks the High on Lows showed some large potential.  I was really impressed with I Killed the Symphony, the lead singer provides really strong vocals and they created a memorable style in both sound and look.  I met Stitched Up Heart and Downtown Attraction the first time in June at the House of Blues down the street.  Both played an awesome show.  Stitched Up Heart, their experience with how they handle a crowed, maybe in some ways going over board when they brought the crowed up, nearly filling the stage.  Downtown Attraction proved they deserved being signed by working with crowed, giving plenty of movement on stage and always working the crowed.  Still Standing, all awesome guys, they have a very streamline sound that begs to be listened on CD.  The only downside is that since it is a three-member band and with both the singers also playing guitar it doesn’t allow them to stray to far from the microphone.  All in the end making them sound great but limiting them in what movements and interactions they have with the crowed.

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